Google News latest update, Google News approvals, Google News sponsored posts and a lot more discussed by The PR Store experts

Google News recently made massive changes to its Google News algorithm and Google News approval process to make it simpler for publishers to bring their publications in front of millions of Google News readers. However, in the process, Google has made a mess of one of its most popular web platforms and thousands of publishers are crying foul over the latest updates.

Experts at The PR Store believe that while the latest update does pack a great deal of simplified and new features, things could have been better.

One of the first things that we would like to bring your attention to is the Google News update in December. During the middle of December, Google made some changes to Google News with the primary change being its Google News Partnerdash. This platform for Google News publishers to maintain their existing news sites and a place to apply for new approvals received a massive update including its name change. It is now known as Google News Publisher Center. The update brought with it many refined features wherein publishers can make their publications more accessible on Google News. The manual Google approval process was tweaked to the point that publishers do not need to apply for approvals. Google News would automatically crawl all sites that have been entered into the Publisher Center and from there index content in Google News that is newsworthy.

This update led many sites to stop indexing in Google News. Thousands of publishers were affected and still are affected by this update. Without any reason, hundreds of sites have stopped indexing in Google News. They have either been removed from Google News for no obvious reason or are not being crawled by Google News bot. Google has confirmed that it could be a bug and it is investigating the issue actively and bring about a resolution to this.

Another issue with Google News Publisher Center is that even after Google confirms that a new site is ready for indexation in Google News, the articles on the newly ‘approved’ site doesn’t actually show up on Google News Web. That means the sites will not show up in top feed of or show up in search results for the same. What has been observed is that these newly ‘approved’ sites are showing up in Google News mobile app only.

Sponsored posts on Google News is a major industry and while the latest update has made it difficult for marketers to publish their content on Google News that show up on, there are many sites that still offer this service.

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