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Promoting your products, services, website, market research reports, industry reports, companies, businesses and many more such things on the Internet could be a task considering the numerous channels through which online marketing is available. Some of these online marketing options include publishing press releases on free sites, publishing market research reports on paid sites, online advertisement options, and sponsored posts. All of these techniques have their pros and cons and some of them are free while others are paid.

We at PR Store offer one such options of promoting your services through Google News. We offer different packages to publish your press releases on Google News. This will enable your business to garner a massive exposure through Google News search as well as Google search. With the potential of garnering hundreds to thousands of visitors a day specifically search for services and/or products you have to offer, your efforts will not go a waste.

PR Store has multiple publishers under its belt through which we can offer you paid promotions for your press releases, products, services, market research reports, industry reports and more.

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