Why Publish a Press Release on Google News?

Contrary to what many online marketers say, press releases aren’t dead! While social media and business networking through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others may have their benefits, they have limited effectiveness in getting your voice out there. Press releases still are highly effective means to let the world know what you and your company are up to and what new things you have on offer.

A press release could let you inform the world about:

  • A new service that your business may be starting;
  • Launch of a new book that you just finished;
  • A new start-up that needs funding;
  • A scientific breakthrough;
  • A medical innovation;
  • Launch of new products;
  • A technologically superior solution to real world problem;
  • A non-profit initiative;
  • Rectruitment drive in your company;
  • Cross-border strategic expansion;
  • And a lot more…

Benefits of publishing press release on Google news:

  • Billions of impressions a month globally;
  • Increased brand awareness;
  • Increased sales potential;
  • Cross-border visibility without physical presence;
  • Increased website visits;
  • SEO;
  • Ability to reach targeted audience;
  • Ability to attract attention of journalists;
  • And more…